Entertaining performances
When performing for a large group, Jan Kortie is often announced as a 'guest expert'. His introduction looks and sounds perfectly serious in the beginning, although humor plays an important part. As the lecture advances, more and more strange and extravagant elements appear. For example the word 'singing' occurs often in the presented 'statistics'. For most  participants it is then no longer a complete surprise when they are invited to stand up. With the help of some easy and comic exercises they are then seduced to make sounds and to sing. This results in a song specially written for the occasion, on a well known melody. 
EU Conference
The Memberstates and Candidate Memberstates of the European Union held a seminar for those working on the communication in the different countries about the enlargement of the EU. During a dinner-party 'professor Jan Potter' gave a keynote-speech about the latest Dutch insights on their field. In the end the participants were singing out their love for Europe.